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Get to know your WWE UK Champion

Tyler was gracious enough to give us a little bit of his time to ask him some questions about wrestling, life, food, and a bit in between. This is our exclusive interview with WWE UK Superstar, Tyler Bate. Enjoy!

TB.Com: 1. Where were you when you got the call about being in the UK tournament and who told you?

Tyler: Two weeks before the press conference and it was William Regal. I was at home.

TB.Com: 2.) What was it like to win the first ever WWE UK Championship?

Tyler: It’s really cool that I am the one carrying the belt and that the WWE has a lot of faith in me and the hard work I put in.

TB.Com: 3.) What inspired you to become a wrestler?

Tyler: I fell in love with wrestling when I was young. My friends and I used to practice in the garden and put on shows. When I was 14 I found a wrestling school and started to train.

TB.Com: 4.) Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

Tyler: It was and still is Kane

TB.Com: 5.) What was your favorite match growing up? And your favorite match of your own?

Tyler: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle from Wrestlemania 22. Rey won’t the world heavyweight championship. I have two; winning the WWE UK championship against Pete Dunne for obvious reasons and against Chris Hero in a 30 minute iron man match.

TB.Com: 6.) If you weren’t a wrestler, what would you be doing?

Tyler: Personal trainer or some other kind of fitness athlete competitively

TB.Com 7.) What is a dream match for you to be in and who would it be against?

Tyler: A dream match for me would to be against Hideo Itami or Cesaro in the WWE at Wrestlemania.

TB.Com 8.) Out of everyone that you have got the priveledge of meeting who has been the one that you are most excited to have met?

Tyler: Ric Flair caused a ton of excitement as well as Triple H. Stephanie McMahon too. There are loads! Shinsuke Nakamura too!

Ok now lets get to know Tyler on a bit more personal level…shall we?

TB.Com: 9.) What is a typical day like for you?

Tyler: When Im not traveling or wrestling a typical day consists of eating, watching some wrestling or fitness videos, eating some more, training at my local gym, taking care of admin and postage of merchandise etc.. Be a personal trainer for a couple of friends of mine at the local gym, eat some more and then do something in the evening either trampolining, cinema, board games with my friends, Just normal stuff really.

TB.Com: 10.) What is your favorite movie?

Tyler: Hateful 8 or White Chicks

TB.Com: 11.) What is one show that you have to watch new eisodes of when they come out?

Tyler: Peaky Blinders

TB.Com: 12.) What is your favorite food and drink?

Tyler: Porridge and green tea

TB.Com: 13.) What are some other hobbies you have other than wrestling?

Tyler: Trampolining, cross fit, and cooking vegan food

TB.Com: 14.) What is your favorite pizza?

Tyler: A vegan one with peppers and mushrooms

TB.Com: 15.) What is your favorite animal?

Tyler: Elephants, all types of apes, and bears

TB.Com: 16.) You get to marry a fictional character- who is it?

Tyler: He didnt have one.. I know we are bummed too! LOL

TB.Com: 17.) If you didn’t have to worry about a job or money where would you be living?

Tyler:Somewhere warm so I can wear a T-shirt all year round

TB.Com: 18.) What was the last book you got so absorbed in you couldn’t put it down?

Tyler: “The art of being Brilliant” by Andy Whittaker and Andy Cope

TB.Com: 19.) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Tyler: Spontaneous, honest, and sarcastic

TB.Com: 20.) What are some things that are near and dear to your heart?

Tyler: Animal Charities, environmental charities, cancer charities. All these are important to me and are important to us all and we should care about them all.

TB.Com: 21.) Last but not least, what are your goals from here to the future?

Tyler: My goal is to keep having fun with wrestling as long as possible and to keep doing things I enjoy doing. Im having the best time at the moment.

We would like to thank Tyler for taking the time for us. We are very excited for his future and cant wait to bring you his next steps and adventures!

Tyler heads to Fight Club Pro!!

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