Wrestlemania Axxess- April 2, 2017- Bate vs Dunne- WWE UK Championship

Orlando, FL We’re back at the Orange County Convention Center with Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Championship. This feud has been steaming from the WWE Tournament on the WWe Network and Pete’s loss in the finals to Tyler. After being brutally attacked the day before by Dunne, it set the tone for Axxess.

Tyler was able to retain his title against Pete via Pinfall. I’m sure this wont be the last time we see these two in action.

Wrestlemania 33 Axxess- April 1, 2017- Bate vs Conners- WWE UK Championship

Orlando- Tyler Went on from Progress Wrestling to putting his title up against Insane Championship Wrestling star Joseph Conners at Wrestlemania 33 Axxess from the Orange County Convention Center.

Tyler would retain his championship via Tyler Driver 97 over Conners. After the match Tyler was attacked from behind by fellow UK Tournament member and mentor Pete Dunne who he would have a match with for the UK title on April 2, 2017 at Wrestlemania 33 Axxess.

Results for Progress Orlando- March 31, 2017- Bate vs Andrews- WWE UK Championship

Orlando, FL- Tyler, Mark, and Progress Wrestling made history by being he first time a WWE title had been defended outside of a WWE ring since 1994. The last time this were to happen was with Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano in All Japan’s Women’s Pro Wrestling for the WWE Women’s Championship.

This match took place at the Orlando Live Events Center in Fern Park, Fl. Tyler and Andrews had a hard fought battle each scoring many near-falls.

Tyler would go to the retain his championship against Andrews via Tyler Driver 97 in a little under 10 minutes.

Progress Wrestling Results-Chapter 45- Galvanize-March 18, 2017

Tyler and Trent were both in action at Progress Wrestling‘s tapings of their 45th Chapter called Galvanize against the South Pacific Power Trip consisting of TK Cooper, Travis Banks, and Dahlia for the Progress Wrestling Tag Team Championships.

After a hard fought battle between the two teams Tyler got the pinfall at 31:14 via the Tyler Driver 97 and retained the Progress Wresling Tag Team Championshps

After the match Moustache Mountain were brutally attacked by Jimmy Havoc by a chair. The two were repeatedly struck by Jimmy with the chair. Maybe to send a message to their friend Pete Dunne? Who Jimmy had a match with later on in the evening.

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Tyler to be at Wrestlemania 33 Axxess!!!

Tyler will be heading to Wrestlemania 33 Axxess in Orlando Florida! The WWE announced early Tuesday morning that superstars from well known United Kingdom promotions such as Progress Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling will be making their Wrestlemania debut.

Tyler will be in three matches in three days. Matches and times will be listed below as well as ticketing information on how to attend this show!

Friday- March 31, 2017:
Tyler Bate vs Mark Haskins for the WWEUK Championship

Saturday- April 1, 2017- 8:00am est:
Tyler Bate vs Joseph Conners for the WWEUK Championship

Sunday- April 2, 2017:
Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne for the WWEUK Championship

For more information on how to attend Axxess please visit The WWE Website!!

Fight Club Pro- “First Female of Fight Club- March 18, 2017

Tyler Bate was in action for two days at the Fight Club Pro Wresting promotion. We had Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) in a retaliation match from the night before against Will Osprey and Wolfgang. Wolfgang and Osprey would get a bit of revenge on the Mountain of Moustache when they earned the win.