Results: Progress Wrestling “Bang the Drum”- Matt Riddle vs Tyler Bate-

O2 Ritz- Manchester- We are a mere one week away from Super Strong Style 16. We have Tyler Bate facing Matt Riddle in a non Atlas title match.

A few highlights of the match were:

1.Tyler and Matt having a belt off between the two of them. Riddle unfortunately picked up the popular vote on this one from the fans in attendance.

2. Tyler does a flying leap between the ropes onto Riddle and lands on some on looking fans in the front row. The fans seemed a bit surprised by this.

3. Tyler does a show of strength by lifting riddle from a rear naked choke position up and does a powerbomb onto Riddle in the middle of the ring.

4. Riddle does a “Bro to Sleep” onto Tyler but Tyler kicks out at the 2.

5. Tyler successfully does a shooting star press from the standing position onto Riddle in the middle of the ring.

Riddle had the upper hand in the end of the match when his Super Strong Stlye 16 first round competitor and Tyler’s fellow Moustache Mountain and tag team champion Trent Seven hit Riddle with a forearm to the head and ending the match with a disqualification.

Riddle wins the match by disqualification in 14 minutes.

To watch this and the full chapter of Progress Wrestling- Bang The Drum follow the link below for subscribing information!!

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