Results: NXT Takeover Chicago- Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne- WWE UK Championship


Allstate Arena- Chicago, IL- We are just a day after the debut of the WWE UK WWE Networkshow. Where we had just learned that Pete Dunne would face Tyler Bate for the WWE UK Championship title at NXT Takeover Chicago after Pete won the #1 contendership for the title against Tyler’s Moustache Mountian partner Trent Seven.

To say that this match stole the show is saying the very least. The crowd was intense and loud. Chants of “UK! UK!” and “Bruiserweight!” could be heard outside the arena.

We also have a very special announcing team for the WWE Uk tournament as well in Niger McGuinness and “Good Ole” Jim Ross himself. They will continue to be the announcing team for the remainder of the WWE UK Show. You can watch the WWE UK show on the WWE Network.

Your winner and NEW WWE UK Champion: Pete Dunne

We wont get into specifics about the match, we just encourage you to watch this incredible showing by the men of the WWE UK! You can do so by starting your FREE month of WWE Network by following the link below! It is also available on most android/apple devices as well!

WWE Network

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